When Is It Time To Replace Fascia?

When Is It Time To Replace Fascia?

Fascia is a vital part of your roof structure and gutter line. Not only do they protect your roof by keeping out water, rodents, and debris, but they also give your home a more finished look. Through the harsh Australian climate, it’s not uncommon for fascia to deteriorate over time if not well-maintained, and when this happens, it’s often easier to replace them rather than repairing. Below are five signs you may consider calling one of our specialists here at King Group Australia, to repair or replace the fascia at your property.

1. Cracks and Flaking Paint

Fascia plays a functional and aesthetic role. Since cracks not only look bad but also lead to leaking, it is usually best to hire a professional to remove the damaged pieces and supply and install new fascia.

2. Evidence of Pests

Nothing can be more annoying and troublesome than having pests in your home. Everything from birds, rats and other rodents can cause severe damage to your roof. However, fascia is designed to keep them out of your roof cavity and home, so if you find that they are still getting into your household, it could indicate a problem with your fascia.

3. Water in Roof or Leaks?

Water can quickly cause a lot of damage to your roof if left unnoticed. Whether it leads to rot, mould, or both, you could face some costly repairs before your home is even safe for you and your family again. For that reason, it’s best to regularly check your fascia to see if water leaks into your roof cavity or walls.

What Is The Purpose Of Fascia?

What Is The Purpose Of Fascia?

Facia on has many purposes. Fascia is essential to every home. Fascia provides a solid foundation and support system for the gutters, while also working to keep pests out of the roof cavity. In many cases, fascia works with soffits to provide essential ventilation to the roofing cavity and interiors of a home.

The main purpose of fascia trim on the house include:

  • Anchoring gutters in place
    ·     Keeping water from the roof deck leaking into the internal roofing
    ·     Prevents pests, insects, and animals from accessing roof cavity
    ·     Enhances kerbside appeal by wrapping around the rough ends of roof rafters

What Is Fascia?

What Is Fascia?

Fascia on a roof is a horizontal piece of board or metal capping that covers the exposed roof rafters, trusses and cavity where the rooftop meets the exterior walls. Fascia is a common architectural term that refers to the board that typically sits under the roof edge or roof lining. The fascia on a house runs behind the guttering, protecting the rafters and interior components of the roof, from the exterior elements. When building a house or maintaining an older structure, fascia is an essential building component that offers defence and shielding from the exterior elements.


Fascia and fascia trim are used to protect various elements of a building. Fascia boards are the part of the roof’s structure that is closest to the gutters. The proximity of fascia to the guttering system means that the fascia board is the first element to be damaged by water if the gutter’s become clogged or begin to fail.

Fascia boarding is an incredibly important component of a structure that keeps the exterior elements outside of the interiors of the roof cavity. Supporting the lowest part of the roofing materials and gutters, fascia acts as a vertical barrier between the outside and the edge of the roof and the inside of the roof cavity and interiors of the house. 

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