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Bird Proofing

King Group offers you the ultimate solution to your bird and pest proofing problem. 

Our UltraGuard Aluminium Bird Protection system allows for full protection of your roof from the harmful effects of birds and other pests and vermin. Buy direct from the manufacturers and get a professional manufacturer installation with full warranty back up.

We offer:

  • 100% Free Quote
  • 100% Bird Proofing Guarantee
  • A System that Works Instantly.
  • 15 years Warranty
  • Australian Design and Patented system using ColorBond accessories.
  • Over 25 years experience in bird and gutter protection

Over 1 in 5 houses in Australia is affected by bird infestation, vermin, and pests issues. In addition to the noise effects and disturbance birds can have, they also carry harmful diseases which can attack you and your family members, like lice and fleas. 

Pest control measures only deliver a short-term approach to the problem. A permanent bird protection solution will be a system like the UltraGuard Aluminium Gutter Guard Bird Protection system which is designed to provide year-round protection and is guaranteed to last for over 15 years.

bird proofing

Advantages of Bird Protection System

Clean Solar Panels

Protects Your Health

Bird faeces come with other 70 different diseases and parasites, mites, lice, fleas, salmonella and many others. These pose a major risk to your health and also can attract other unwanted pests like rats, flies and insects.

Minimises Property Damage

Minimises Property Damage

Birds nesting in gutters often block gutters resulting in water not being able to flow in the gutters and valleys which during heavy rains can overflow your gutters and push the water into your home causing major damage which may not be covered by insurance. Our mesh system keeps your gutters and valleys clean and free from any birds and their nests.

Stop Birds Nesting

Stop Birds Nesting

Nothing is more annoying than the cry of baby birds wanting to be fed all day and night. Some bird varieties are nocturnal which means they are loudest in the night when you need your beauty sleep.

Clean & Presentable House

Clean & Presentable House

Nothing more annoying than seeing your beautiful home covered in bird faeces. This is not only a dangerous but very costly job to clean. Our bird protection mesh system ensures that your roof remains clean all the time and is the pride of the street.

Stop Birds Entering Your Gutters & Roofs

Are you tired of hearing those weird and annoying sounds coming from inside your roof? Birds and other pests enter our roof space and gutters from openings which they locate, and sometimes even create to enter into that warm and perfect environment known as your roof.

Birds enter for a variety of reasons, but mainly for nesting. As much as you love your home, so does a bird. However, birds nesting in your roof or gutters carries without a substantial amount of problems including:

  • Lice and other infestations
  • Their faeces can carry harmful diseases along with attracting vermin such as flies and rats.
  • Damage to roof materials
  • Damage to the house by creating an opening exposing the house to rain

A permanent solution is to ensure that your gutters and any roof cavities (opening) are properly closed off so that they are unable to enter. UltraGuard Aluminium Gutter Guard is the best permanent solution that ensures year-round protection of your gutters and roof cavities from harmful birds and pests.

Stop Birds Entering Your Gutters & Roofs

The Benefits of Bird Proofing

Bird proofing solutions, like UltraGuard Gutter Guard Mesh, provide the ultimate permanent solution to stopping birds from entering your roof and gutters. Below are some of the benefits:

  • A humane approach to keeping birds out for good. No harmful effect to the bird.
  • Provides complete protection of all gutters and valleys and roof cavity openings.
  • The solution has an immediate effect from the moment it is installed.
  • Peaceful night sleep knowing nothing can enter.

Bird Proofing Mesh Type

There are a variety of different bird proofing options on the market today. But nothing beats the UltraGuard Aluminium Gutter Guard mesh system. Made from high-quality exposure-grade aluminium mesh, the UltraGuard Gutter Guard system is flexible enough to be used for all roof types, tile, and metal. It also provides full protection of gutters and valleys of your roof and comes complete with a choice of over 30 colours to best match your roof. The system comes with a guarantee to keep birds, pests and vermin out for 15 years, and being the original system there are examples of our system which have been working for nearly 20 years now.

Bird Protection Mesh System Advantages:

  • A strong high-quality aluminium mesh that is difficult to break or chew.
  • Full Protection of all areas.
  • Works instantly

How do you know birds are in your gutters & roof

You will see and hear them. But more often you will also see a lot of their faeces on your roof. Or in the middle of the night hear funny noises inside your roof. As well as blocked gutters and downpipes which result in overflowing gutters. Birds in general, pigeons, myna birds etc are attracted to one property over another for the simple reason that we humans look for also. They find a source of food, water, and safety. You may have food outside such as seeds, dog food, grass seeds out which attracts them. Opening in your roof will allow the birds to also enter to find a place for warmth, safety and breeding.

How do I know I have a Bird Problem:

  • Blocked gutters and downpipes being filled with feathers and bird nests.
  • Bird droppings across your roof, walls, solar panels, roof eaves and verandahs.
  • Very bad odours with no unknown cause.
  • Screeching, scratching and movement sounds in your roof cavity and walls.
  • Litter around your house.
  • Roof insulation material found around the property.
  • Your body is attacked by lice and fleas.
  • Increase in presence of rats, flies and insects.

Types of Birds we protect against

Our UltraGuard Aluminium Gutter Guard mesh protects against all birds, vermin and pests including:

  • Myna birds
  • Pigeons
  • Cockatoo
  • Galeas
  • Rats
  • Snacks
  • Possums

There isn’t much that our system can’t keep out. It is the ideal long-term permanent solution for your bird proofing and bird protection needs.

Bird Proofing vs Bird Control Which is better

To be able to differentiate between the two types it is important for us to define them.

Bird proofing is usually a more humane approach to protecting your home or building from birds and pests. It involves using a preventative and less invasive solution to keep birds out. Birds are not injured by our bird proofing solution as our bird protection mesh system does not have any spikes or other sharp objects which can hurt and potentially be fatal to the bird.

Bird Control usually involves measures which are temporary and involves a more cruel method of keeping birds out often resulting in birds being poisoned and dying.

Bird Proofing Bird Protection System Advantages over Bird Control

  • More humane and eco-friendly.
  • Permanent Long Term solution.
  • More Effective in being able to close off all areas.
  • Costs much less than the ongoing bird control system.

Bird Proofing Mesh To Prevent Birds

King Group provides an expert service and solution in assisting in preventing your bird infestation problem. 

We pride ourselves in providing a 100% Bird Protection Guarantee which ensures that our bird mesh system will keep your gutters and roof free from birds, pests and vermin.  Our system has been used in over 1000 installations across Australia for both residential and commercial bird proofing and bird protection. We are the Kings of Bird Protection.

An added advantage of our bird protection mesh system is that we not only keep birds and pests out of your gutters and valleys but also leaves and other debris ensure your roof and gutters are clean all the time. Clean unblocked gutters are essential for the protection of your house, and will keep your home insurance valid.

Why Choose a King Bird Protection System:

  • High Quality Materials providing years of protection.
  • Direct Manufacturer installation. 
  • 100% 30 Day Money Back Bird Protection Guarantee
  • Over 1000’s of installations Australia wide.
  • Free Quote and Expert Advice.

Commercial Bird Proofing

We provide a full commercial bird and pest protection solution. Our expert team can provide and specify the best solution for your building which will :

  • Keep your employees’ health safe from bird-related diseases.
  • Stops damage and contamination of your stock, property, and contents.
  • Avoid costly ongoing maintenance.

We cater for all projects small or large and are flexible to work within your requirements. All our installers are fully insured and OH&S certified to work at heights.

Residential Bird Protection

Our domestic residential bird proofing solution is ideal for the full protection of your most precious asset, your home.

The King bird protection system ensures that your home is :

  • Safe from all harmful diseases brought on by birds and other pests.
  • Safe from damage to your roof and gutters.
  • Keeps birds out for good forever.
Residential Bird Protection

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