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The Ultimate Gutter Protection Sydney

The UltraGuard Gutter Protection Gutter Guard Aluminium Mesh system is the best Gutter Protection Sydney available in Australia. It has been proven and tested for over 25 years and is proudly a sister company of the King Group.

Protecting your most valuable asset is our job. With our extensive and highest quality industry-standard products, we deliver on providing you with protection across all your roof gutters and valleys to keep leaves & debris, birds. In addition to keeping things out, we also provide our quality line of gutter protection products manufactured by our sister company UltraGuard.

UltraGuard is the innovator and inventor of gutter protection’s leading aluminium mesh-based system. Based on the leafscreener system of installation, UltraGuard has been the pioneer of Aluminium systems since they were invented back in 2004. We are proud to say that we supply the original and the best Aluminium system on the market today, and not some cheap knock off.

We protect against:

  • Leaves & Debris
  • Birds, Possums, snakes, mosquitos, and other nasties can enter your gutter and roof cavity.
  • Bushfires as we supply a 100% Fire Proof product that has been tested and rated by CSIRO with a flammability rating of 0.
  • Solar Panel protection to prevent bird infestation.

Why are Ultraguard is the Best Gutter Guard System :

  • The Original & The Inventors of the Aluminium Mesh System.
  • Fireproof useful across all Bushfire BAL Levels.
  • Available in a choice of over 30 colours.
  • 15 Year Warranty for Product and 5  Years for Workmanship
  • System installed & warranted directly by the manufacturer

How Does The System Work :

  1. Cleaning: Before installation, we thoroughly clean all gutters and valleys to be fitted.
  2. Product: Depending on your roof profile we install the correct width mesh. If your roof is a tile roof we use a 500mm wide mesh and if it is a metal roof it is usually a 250mm wide mesh.
  3. Ski-Slope: The mesh is fitted not only over the gutters but it extends from the roof out. So that it acts as a ski-slope effect so that nothing can possibly enter your gutters.
  4. The Aluminium Gutter Guard system is the ultimate system which covers your roof, gutters, and valleys in a seamless colour matched system.

What Does the Gutter Guard System Stop:

  • No More Leaves & Debris.
  • Great for stopping Birds nesting & entering your roof.
  • No more pests, mosquitos, possums, pigeons, rats

Different Types of Mesh:

Alumesh: This is our premium Aluminium mesh with a 3.5mm aperture hole size. Great for all areas and cost effective solution with great performance abilities.

Embermesh: Our 2.0mm aperture hole size mesh which is the same as our Alumesh except a smaller hole size to keep fine particles out including pine needles and jacarandas.


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One of the major contributors to roof leaks and water damage to property is as a result of blocked gutters

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