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Solar Panels Cleaning Sydney

King Group provides a professional solar panels cleaning sydney solution that is non-abrasive and will not void your solar panel warranty.

The cleaning specialists our cleaning solution provides the following benefits:

  • Specialised non-abrasive cleaning solution unique to King.
  • Increase performance of your solar panel efficiency.
  • Cost-effective and safe solution using expert trained cleaners.
  • 100% Obligation Free Quote

As of the end of May 2021, there were over 2.43 million solar panel systems installed on Australian roofs. 

With so many systems across Australia, there is little information or even businesses that are able to provide a professional cleaning service for your solar panels. Solar panels are exposed to many elements including weather, dust, and most of all birds and vermin.

Regular cleaning and protection will ensure that your solar system will work to its optimum best all year round and will deliver years of efficient power sources.

At King, we know how to best protect and clean your solar panels to give you a result that not only looks great but improves the performance of your investment.


Why is solar panel cleaning important

Just like we maintain and service our cars a solar panel system needs ongoing maintenance for it to perform at its optimum best. No different to cleaning our windows which ensures that we have maximum uninterrupted light entering. So cleaning solar panels is equally important.

Cleaning can result in costing you money through poor efficiency performance of the solar panel system when un-maintained. Below is a study that was conducted to give an example of the possible loss of efficiency a common solar panel system can experience. 

You could be losing the following percentages per quarter if cleaning your panels is not on your agenda.

Year 1 Q1: 5% Energy Loss Q2:10% Energy Loss Q3: 15% Energy Loss Q4:20% Energy Loss

Year 2 Q1: 25% Energy Loss Q2: 30% Energy Loss Q3: 35% Energy Loss Q4: 35% Energy Loss

So by the end of Year 2, you could be losing up to 35% of energy loss due to poor maintenance and cleaning of your solar panels. 

Solar Panel Bird Protection & Bird Proofing

Solar panel systems are a costly investment in your property. However solar panels provide some of the best areas for birds to nest and live in. Most solar panel companies do not provide a solution for protecting solar panels from birds. Damage caused by birds to solar panels may not be covered by any solar panel warranty. So a simple bird problem can prove to be a very costly one.

We have the best solar panel bird protection system on the market.  

  • Best Solar Panel Bird Protection System.
  • The system works instantly.
  • Protects your expensive solar panel system.
  • Stops the dangers of possible falls related to cleaning.
  • Australia-wide experts with over 20 years of experience.
  • Our System does not void your warranty.
  • Keeps birds and other pests out for good.
  • Our Mesh can not be broken or chewed through.

Bird Proofing & Bird Protection of Solar Panels

Our solar panel bird protection and bird proofing system is aimed at preventing birds and other pests from entering the underside of the solar panels and nesting and breeding there.

A King solar panel bird mesh protection system works to prevent damage to solar panels and to your roof. Bird faeces can stain and affect the performance of your solar panel system, which may void your warranty.

We use only the best Australian designed and made system to ensure your solar system is protected year-round.  Our Aluminium solar skirt bird protection system provides protection around the perimeter of your solar panel system which involves the mesh being secured in placing using specialised clips which are fixed to the solar panel without any screws or fasteners meaning that the system will not affect the solar panel and thus will not void your warranty.

What is a Solar panel skirt?

A solar panel skirt is usually a strip of mesh usually between 180mm to 250mm in width that is made from a metal mesh and is rolled out around the perimeter of your solar panels and is fixed in place using a special clip system which is secured to the underside lip of your solar panel and zip-locked in place without the need for any screwing or fixing which keeps your solar panel safe from damage.

What is a Solar panel skirt

Why do I need a solar panel bird protection system?

Protecting your solar panels from birds is essential in providing the optimum performance and longevity of the system.  Our solar panel bird protection solar panel skirt system provides you with the following benefits:

Clean Solar Panels

Clean Solar Panels

Clean panels ensuring that the panels capture maximum sunlight. Bird faeces is often highly acidic which can stain and permanently damage the panel surface which leads to loss of solar panel functionality.

Warranty Protection

Warranty Protection

Does not void your  solar panel warranty bird related damage to your solar panel will not be covered and may result in requiring you to change your panel or system at your expense.

Solar Panel Protection

Solar Panel Protection

Protection of your solar panel system which ensures that no birds are damaging the solar panel and wiring system which can cause costly damage and repairs.

Protects Your Health

Protects Your Health

Bird faeces come with other 70 different diseases and parasites, mites, lice, fleas, salmonella and many others. These pose a major risk to your health and also can attract other unwanted pests like rats, flies and insects.

Minimises Property Damage

Minimises Property Damage

Birds nesting in gutters often block gutters resulting in water not being able to flow in the gutters and valleys which during heavy rains can overflow your gutters and push the water into your home causing major damage which may not be covered by insurance. Our mesh system keeps your gutters and valleys clean and free from any birds and their nests.

Stop Birds Nesting

Stop Birds Nesting

Nothing is more annoying than the cry of baby birds wanting to be fed all day and night. Some bird varieties are nocturnal which means they are loudest in the night when you need your beauty sleep. With no room to enter under the solar panel’s birds will find another place to nest, which will leave your roof and solar panels clean and free for birds and other vermin.

Clean & Presentable House

Clean & Presentable House

Nothing more annoying than seeing your beautiful home covered in bird faeces. This is not only a dangerous but very costly job to clean. Our bird protection mesh system ensures that your roof remains clean all the time and is the pride of the street. King bird protection will keep them out for good.

The Benefits of a King Solar Panel Cleaning & Solar Panel Bird Protection

Operational Efficiency

Operational Efficiency

Improved Energy Capturing efficiency. With clean and protected solar panels you will be able to see a rapid increase in the energy capturing of your system.



We ensure that our cleaners and solar bird protection system installers are all fully certified and qualified to undertake the delicate job at hand.

Best Price Guarantee

Best Price Guarantee

We offer a price beat guarantee for the same service we offer. So you can be assured that you are getting the best deal always.


When should we clean solar panels?

At least 2-3 times per year.

How do I stop birds from nesting under the panels?

Using our bird protection mesh system, known as a solar skirt, will ensure that no bird is able to enter under the panels and nest. We place a metal mesh all around the bottom of the panels which blocks off all openings where the birds can enter.

Can I buy the solar skirt kit as a DIY?

Yes, we are able to supply you the solar skirt kit in a DIY system. However, we strongly recommend against this as there are height safety issues which are usually handled by an expert using proper safety equipment.

Can I void my solar panel warranty if I do not clean and maintain them?

Yes. If you read your fine print, you will see that a regular maintenance and protection is essential to protecting your warranty.

What is the worst thing for my solar panels?

Bird faeces is always the worst for your panels. Bird drippings often are very hard to remove and the longer they stay their acidic composition will then burn through the solar panel and stain the panel which may cause it to cease operating.

Can you clean all solar panel types?

Yes, we are fully capable to clean all solar types. Sometimes however when the solar panels are too close to a roof edge, we will do our best with respect to safety to be able to perform our job. If we see that safety is an issue, we will advise you.

What type of dirt affects solar panels?
  • Bird droppings are the No.1 enemy of solar panels. These dropping can cause permanent stains to the solar panel surface causing it to lose operational functionality resulting in energy loss. Bird damage is not covered under your warranty. It’s highly acidic and if left untreated will prove difficult to clean.
  • Dust particles from fumes and acidic rain can remain on your panels and may contribute to the prevention of the solar panels capturing maximum sunlight.
  • Leaves that fall especially from deciduous trees often not only cause leaves to fall on your panels and roof but also attract birds.
Will the solar skirt system void my warranty?

No. We use a special non-mechanical fixing of the mesh to the panels. We use no screws but specialised clips which sit under your solar panel and through the mesh without any damage to the solar panel.

What chemicals do you use on the solar panels?

We use our unique non-abrasive cleaning system which ensures that your solar panels will not be affected.  Coupled with a gentle professional clean by our trained experts ensures that the solar panel system will continue to perform efficiently.

Why doesn’t my solar panel company clean and install protection?

Most solar panel companies are only qualified to install solar panels. The cleaning and bird protection they usually leave for specialist businesses, like King Group, to deal with.

Do you provide an ongoing maintenance program?

Yes. We can schedule a regular bi-annually or quarterly clean for you. And we can even save you money depending on how frequently we come out.

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