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Re-roofing is the process which involves either:

  • ✓ Replacing your old tile roof with a new metal Colorbond Roof.
  • ✓ Replacing your old tile roof with a new tiles roof.
  • ✓ Replacing your old metal roof with a new metal roof.

Re-roofing can offer the following benefits:

  • ✓ Updating the appearance of your home based on fashion and color.
  • ✓ Providing added protection for your property ensuring a new roof will deliver greater water protection than existing.
  • ✓ Undergoing an extension or addition to your existing property and needing to have one seamless roof profile.
  • ✓ Reduced costs of roof maintenance and insurance.
  • ✓ Improved drainage issues by re-shaping your roof to allow for a better flow of water into your gutters.
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Replacing your old tiles with a new Colorbond metal roof will add tremendous value and beauty to your property. Along with improved sealing from the elements with continuous sheeting ensuring years of worry-free leaks.

Our trained expert teams will strip your old tiles and replace them with a new Colorbond roof in 1 day, weather permitting of course.

We also re-tile existing tile roofs ensuring that your new roof is completed and ready to withstand decades of use.

Our services include:

  • ✓ Re-roofing existing residential & commercial roofs.
  • ✓ New installations for new roofs.
  • ✓ Commercial Steel roofs
  • ✓ Industrial steel roofs

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