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The King of Roof Restoration Sydney

Welcome to King Roof Restoration Sydney services. We pride ourselves on delivering a premium level of services coupled with the highest and best quality roofing paints and materials, such as Dulux.

Let us breathe a new life to your old and weathered roof with our professional detailed attention to ensure that the roof is fully pointed, re-bedded (if required) and with a minimum of our 3 coat Dulux paint system ensures you get a guaranteed 10 Years of long lasting and great looking roof protection.

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Best Priced Roof Restorations in Sydney

When it comes to value for money, know one beats the King !

Our full priced fixed contract pricing ensures that we tell you upfront what everything will cost, so there are no hidden charges or nasty surprises.

The materials and quality finish that we provide make us the best value roof restorers around.

A King Roof Restoration is the most cost-effective way to enhance the appearance, protection, and increased value of your property without the need for a costly full roof replacement.

A King Roof Restoration involves the following:.


Step 1

Roof Inspection and Report

A customised onsite roof inspection and report which clearly defines what work needs to be done to your roof. This is a free report which we provide.

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Step 2

Replace broken tiles

We will remove and replace all broken tiles.

Step 3

Pressure Clean

Using our 4000psi pressure cleaning machine we pleasure clean your roof using our exclusive environmentally friendly solution to remove all rot and mould.
Re-bed & Re-point

Step 4

Re-bed & Re-point

We will re-bed any loose ridge caps and re-point all mortar cracks which appear with a flexible compound.

Step 5

Prime & Seal

Apply a water based sealer (undercoat) to your roof to ensure the best possible adhesion of the paint membrane.

Step 6

Dulux paint

We then apply 2 coats of Dulux paint membrane to your roof for that finishing touch.

What Roofing Services Do We Provide

  • ✓ Roof high-pressure cleaning
  • ✓ Solar Panel cleaning
  • ✓ Roof Painting & Sealing
  • ✓ Re-Pointing
  • ✓ Tile replacements
  • ✓ Sarking replacement
  • ✓ All roof restoration works
  • ✓ Valley tray replacement

A full roof restoration can add between 15% to 40% to the value of your property.

Roof Restoration Terms Explained

What are the issues with cracked or broken roof tile bedding:

– Major source of water leaks. Causing thousands of dollars in repairs.
– Unsecured tiles can slide off and potentially hurt someone or something.
– Unsightly which can dimmish the value of the property.

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What does tile roof re-bedding mean:

Bedding is the mortar-based mixture that holds the ridge cap tile of the roof in place. Over time due to house movement and weather this mortar mix breaks apart and needs to be re-done, this is known as re-bedding. King Group will professionally clean and remove all the old mortar mix and replace it with a new one. And as added protection, we go over it with another coating of flexible material which will add and protect the mortar mix for improved longevity (known as pointing).

What does tile roof re-pointing mean:

Repointing is the second layer that is applied over the mortar mix of the ridge cap tile. This material is often made from a flexible membrane which can provide improved ability to expand and contract to reduce fewer chances of the original mortar mix cracking. It also adds a stronger bond for the tiles and an improved seal against water and other elements.

Repointing is a slow and delicate process and at King Group we ensure that our pointing work is of the highest standard as it will act as the main barrier to shield your roof from water and dust, as well as it is also eye-catching so a good pointing job will provide you with a perfect looking roof.


Flexible roof pointing materials have been in use in Australia since 1995, and as such there are many properties that are only relying on mortar bedding to protect their roofs. We highly recommend that all tile roofs have a layer of points placed for added protection.

Dulux - King Group

Using Dulux ActraTex Next Generation Technology materials a King Roof Restoration will
ensure that your roof is refreshed, repaired, and restored using Australia’s most trusted paint brand, Dulux. There’s no match for the finish, quality, and long-lasting protection provided by the complete Dulux AcraTex Roof Restoration Service.

The Dulux Paint System

We pride ourselves on being a Dulux Accredited Roof Applicator. This is a recognition by Dulux directly that we have been trained and are accredited and backed up by Dulux for all our work. For you the consumer this peace of mind comes with the added knowledge that all our work is guaranteed for 10 years directly by Dulux. By using only Dulux materials, straight out of a new sealed drum without any watering down of the paint membrane, we apply the paint membrane system at its optimum and freshest best ensuring years of enjoyment and longevity.

We do offer other quality roof paint systems and this is subject to your budget, but we ensure that we test and trial all our paint systems so that we make sure the product we use is a testament to the quality of our finish. Our paint process involves the following carefully undertaken 3 steps without any compromise on attention to detail and a high level quality finish. The below steps apply to the painting process only, and assumes that we have already pressure cleaned, repaired, and repointed your roof.

The Dulux Paint System
The Dulux Paint System

Step 1: Priming/Sealing:
This is critical to ensuring that the roof is sprayed with an undercoat-like membrane so that there is proper adhesion to the paint membrane to the roof. Without an undercoat, any finished paint system will peel and flake almost immediately. A lot of our competitors would not undertake this step as it is costly and they think that the customer will not know because they are of the assumption that the customer only sees the finished coat not what’s under it. Compromise on this step and you risk wasting all your money on a roof restoration that would not last more than 6 months. We apply a thick coat of primer to ensure the maximum adhesion base for the finished coat of paint. The prime coat is usually a clear or white base in colour.

Step 2: Paint Membrane Coat 1:

The next step is applying the first coloured coat of the paint membrane to the undercoat. We then let this coat dry and then apply the finished coat.

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The Dulux Paint System

Step 3: Paint Membrane Finished Coat (2):

The final coloured coat of paint is then applied to the roof and we are done.

Dulux Acratex Greys

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Dulux Acratex Mid Grey

Dulux Acratex Light Grey

Dulux Acratex Charcoal

Dulux Acratex Birch Grey

Dulux Acratex Naturals

Dulux Acratex Naturals

Dulux Acratex Torres Blue

Dulux Acratex Merino

Dulux Acratex Rivergum

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Dulux Acratex Reds

Dulux Actratex Red

Dulux Acratex Mid Red

Dulux Acratex Tuscan Red

Dulux Acratex Terracotta

Dulux Acratex Sienna

Why Choose a King Roof Restoration

Not all roof restorations are the same. There are those businesses who sell on price and price only. We have outlined below how we approach a roof restoration with the high level of professionalism from experienced and fully licenced roofers.

1. The Team: We ensure that we only employ the best people. All our staff from our customer service team, field operations and tradesmen are fully qualified, trained, certified and insured. Above all customer service is paramount for us, and we make YOU the centre of our work. Our experienced roofers ensure that your job is complete with no shortcuts taken. Coupled with our infield Quality Controllers ensure that each roof is inspected at least 3 times during the process to make sure that all roof restorations get the professional King Roof finish. No matter how small or big we take the same approach to every job. For every job we ensure a minimum of 2-3 staff are on site always to make sure the job is to your satisfaction.

2. The Cleaning: We apply a high pressure machine clean, using up to a 4000 PSI commercial pressure machine to remove all dirt. For the most effective and best adhesion we must ensure that the roof is properly cleaned. This step usually requires 2 of our professional staff undertaking the work which can take up to 1 day to complete.

3. The Clean Up: We then clean and remove all our waste and ensure that we leave with a smile on your face ?.

4. The Repairs: Once cleaning is completed we then proceed to apply a re-pointing material overall cracked and damaged ridge caps. Where ridge caps have moved completely we will then re-bed these back in place. This step is by far the longest and slowest. We would have 1-2 professional pointers on site conducting this part of the job which would take upto 2-3 days depending on the size and extent of repairs. This is definitely not a step that can be rushed. A quality roof restoration is determined by the quality of the finishing of the pointing which has been done.

5. The Paint: Once your roof is pointed and ready for painting we use nothing but the industry leading brands from Dulux. We apply a primer coat and 2 finished colour coats. This provides a maximum coating on every tile which ensures years of satisfaction and protection. Using careful and skilled roof painters we disburse the paint through our industry leading Graco paint machine ensuring the highest level of coverage across your roof. We do not water down our paints at all. We open a new sealed drum and spray straight out of it. So you are guaranteed that every drop of paint that is applied to your roof has not been tampered with. This step requires 2 of our staff for between 1-2 days depending on size.

Get total confidence and peace of mind with our 10 – year warranty on product performance when you restore your roof with Dulux AcraTex. With the assurance of unparalleled quality and a superior finish, restoring your roof with us means you’re entitled to receive a replacement or refund if your roof restoration doesn’t perform as expected. Your warranty covers film integrity, peeling, and cracking. Some natural weathering is anticipated as a natural process on all exterior surfaces, and minor changes in appearance including color or gloss will occur as a natural process caused by normal weathering.

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Roof Repair SydneyRoof Repair Sydney
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If You Think Hiring A Professional Roof Restoration Company is Expensive, then Try Hiring a Cheap One

There is nothing more truthful than the old saying of “You Get What You Paid For”. And in the roof restoration market there are a lot of cowboys offering ridiculous prices for equally ridiculous work.

What to look out for: those businesses offer $1500 Roof Restorations. The fine print is crazy. So what do you get from these business and what you don’t get:


  • Roof preparation that is rushed and not complete.
  • No pointing or rebedding work. CAUTION: This is where they get you. Once they clean they will tell you that you need to re-point and re-bed the entire roof and that is when they can name their price and you have little choice but to proceed with them. And most cases the price you started with at $1500 is now well over $6000++.
  • Watered down paint to ensure that they use around 70% less paint than they should.
  • Discoloured and fading roof within months of completion.
  • The proprietor would have conned you and taken your money, changed their number and details and no longer operated.
  • A very expensive bill to do the job properly.

Don’t Get:

  • A full 2-3 day roof preparation.
  • Dulux paint system straight from a new sealed drum, not watered down.
  • Full project management team from customer service personnel to in field quality control officers and foreman.
  • A great long lasting finish at the most competitive price.
  • Dulux backed 10 year warranty on all our work. Backed by a leading Australian Brand be a Dulux accredited installer ensures that Dulux will support our work and validate all warranties.
  • We listen to you and go that extra mile to satisfy our customers. We don’t rush and we take care with every job we undertake.
  • Our after sales support is there whenever you need us. We have been around for over 15 years so you can be assured that we are here for you.

Don’t risk your roof to an amateur. Trust Only King for your roof restoration.


Is it possible to restore my roof?

Yes, It is possible to repair your roof. Roof restoration entails repairing and cleaning the roof to improve its appearance and functionality, and it can significantly extend the life of your roof.

In what range does a roof repair cost?

Roof repair costs vary depending on the extent of the damage and the materials required. To determine the exact cost for your specific situation, it is best to get a quote from a professional roofing company.

Is there a timeframe for roof treatment?

The duration of roof treatment is determined by several factors, including the size of the roof, the extent of damage, and the weather conditions. Our team will inspect your roof and give you an estimated completion date.

Where do you serve for roof restoration services?

Roof restoration services are offered by KingGroup in Sydney and its surrounding areas. Our expert team is dedicated to providing our clients with high-quality services that restore their roofs to their original condition.

Is it worth restoring a roof?

Roof restoration is a less expensive alternative to roof replacement because it can extend the life of the roof while also improving its appearance. However, before making a decision, it is critical to assess the condition of the roof and consult with a professional.

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