What Is The Best Roof Paint?

What Is The Best Roof Paint?

Choosing the right paint to suit your roof can be a difficult task, however at King Group Australia we have you covered, the first question to consider is:

What type of roof do you want to paint?

Metal roofs, terracotta or concrete tiles all require specific roof coatings that are designed for those applications. You will need to clean and seal the roof prior to painting.

The correct primer will both seal and protect against corrosion on metal roofs and will fill and seal pitted concrete tile roofs as well as provide a suitable surface for effective topcoat adhesion.

Preparation in the roof restoration process is as vital and moreso than the final result, with the right care, knowledge and workmanship prior to the application of any roof membrane to ensure the best results. 

The second question is why are you painting your roof?

Are you painting your roof to protect against corrosion and premature colour fading, eliminate algae and mould growth or dirt retention or to improve the heat reflective value of your roof so you stay cool inside during the hot summers?

King Group Australia use only the best in the industry through Dulux Acratex roof membrane range, as we are the preferred applicators for roof restorations. It is imperative to understand what you wish to achieve with regards to roof painting and the restoration process itself.

We supply a range of Australia’s best roof coatings and roof membranes suitable for:

  • All metal roof types
  • Concrete  & Terracotta tiles
  • Mould and dirt resistance
  • Anti-corrosion performance
  • Sealing porous concrete tiles
  • Enhanced thermal performance

If you’re still unsure the specialists at King Group Australia can give you the advice you need – give us a call for a free measure and quote, or to answer any questions you may have regarding painting or restoring your roof.

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