What Is Re-bedding?

What Is Re-bedding?

Roof bedding is the cement mortar inside the roof construction that holds roofing tiles in place. Over time your rooftop is exposed to lots of damaging natural elements such as UV rays, wind, rain, and dirt that wears down this cement mortar. Over time this mortar will start to crack and fall away leaving your roof tiles loose. These loose tiles are now vulnerable to natural elements such as wind and rain. The roof is likely to leak in rainstorms and your roof tiles are easily plucked away in strong winds which aren’t just expensive to repair but is also hazardous to people and to property such as vehicles next to your home.

The process involved in re-bedding:

Step 1 – Repointing the ridge capping
In most cases ridge capping can be just repointed by trowelling over the existing mortar & filling any cracks.

Step 2 – Rebedding the ridge caps
If the existing mortar is loose & falling out the ridge capping needs rebedding which requires all the the ridge caps coming off.

Step 3 – Fresh mortar
The old mortar is then discarded & fresh bedding mortar is applied.

Step 4 – Repointing
Ridge caps are then repointed & colour matched to suit the roof tiles.

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