Will A Roof Restoration Stop Leaks?

A roof restoration can assist in returning your to its previous glory.
The main issues of a roof leaking may be due to flashing, broken tiles and tears in the sarking paper within the roof cavity itself.

Leaks due to poor conditions:

Broken tiles are the most common and the easiest to identify when it comes to addressing your water leak and should be the first thing you cross off the list. Broken tiles can sometimes be hard to spot so best to have your roof inspected by a qualified roofer. Even better, when you have a roof restoration all broken tiles will be changed. This may be just the solution when looking to rid your property of any unwanted leaks or future issues. 

Causes of broken Tiles:

Sometimes a tile can break due to the coating wearing off over time and the concrete becoming bare and brittle. This is why it is important to restore your roof every 10-15 years. Tiles can also break from being walked on incorrectly or as a result of having work done on your roof such as solar, electrical or other trades work.


A tear in your sarking paper is also another common cause of roof leaks. Most commonly we see tears is customer’s sarking paper form electrical work or from deterioration. It is incredibly important to inform your roofer if you have had previous leaks and when restoring a roof it is impossible to see the sarking paper unless the tiles have been lifted off to inspect the area. As mentioned above, a restoration will only fix your leak issues if it is a broken tile causing the leak.
IF you are worried about your roofs condition or are experiencing leaks, give one of you specialists at King Group Australia for a free roof health check, measure and quote.

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