What Are The Dangers Of A Cheap Roof Restoration?

Cheap roof restorations can leave you with a result worse than the ordinal damage or deteriorated state of the roof prior to their setting foot on your property. The main factors involved in a cheap restoration compared with something more costly are, Reputation, Materials, Skilled or Qualified Tradespeople and overall Service.

Three aspects to consider with cheap roof restoration –

  1. Workmanship– The difference between an experienced tradesperson who takes pride in their work and pays good attention to detail, and a tradesperson who does not, is enormous in terms of the quality of the finished job. King Group Australia uses only Skilled and Qualified Roofers and Roof Labourers. Many companies employ cheap labour to keep their costs down, but the proof is in the pudding.
  2. Materials– The main materials used in a roof restoration are the pointing material, sealer and primers and most importantly the paint or roof membrane. The difference between good quality materials and cheap ones is staggering. Poor quality materials and paint will deteriorate rapidly over time, providing a lack-lustre result and potentially greater issues than prior to the restorations. Inferior paint and materials, age more rapidly, peel and crack showing obvious flaws and results.
  3. Service– The majority of the cheap guys are either “one man bands” or small operations. There’s nothing wrong with that, except for when you have a problem. If it’s a “one man band” where the owner does everything he or she is too busy to go back and service old clients. 

Now, it’s impossible to shine in all of the above three areas if your prices are too low. There’s simply not enough profit in the job to use the best tradespeople (they want to be paid top rates!), the best materials (good roof coatings are also the most expensive), and to offer good after-sale service.

So again, don’t pay too much but at the same time don’t be seduced by a cheap price. You’ll only regret it in the long run.

King Group Australia offer quality workmanship at an unbeatable price, providing you our customer with the best results. Get in touch with one of our specialists today for a free measure and quote!

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