There are multiple factors to consider in the roof restoration process and the final costs involved, thus the cost of a roof restoration in Sydney can vary depending on the scope of works. Outlined below are some of the factors to consider that determine the cost of roof restoration In Sydney.  

Your roof is considered the most important structural part of the home. It provides shelter from the exterior, aesthetically increases the value of a property and structurally conforms the rest of the dwelling.  For a roof to do as above, regular maintenance and routine roof inspections are a must. Due to harsh external factors and our Australian climate, you may be faced with considering routine maintenance or a full restoration to assist in maintaining and restoring your property’s integrity and value.

A roof restoration is a term used to describe the process involved in restoring a roof to its previous lustre, and glory. The process involved in a roof restoration are the following: pressure cleaning, repairing, repointing, rebedding, applying a sealer and re-painting the roof to restore its previous integrity and aesthetic. All roof types and profiles are guaranteed to benefit form a minor restoration or full roof restoration.

Some of the factors involved with a roof restoration may include:

Renovations or putting the property on the market – restoring your roof will add curb appeal but also increase the value of your property.

Extended the life and quality of the roof itself – a restoration can greatly increase the lifespan and overall condition of the roof.

Issues related to environment or external issues related to climate – a roof restoration can provide peace of mind when affected by build-up of moss, algae, mould, lichen and assist in preventing any health or environmental related issues due to a poorly maintained property.


1. Leaks

Tired of buckets and bowls soaking up leaks in the rain? Experiencing downpour on the inside of your property when it rains?
Issues with lighting and electrical due to weather conditions?
Perhaps it is time to consider a roof restoration.
Roof repairs can only do so much without compromising the integrity of the structure. If it feels like there is always a new roof leak damaging your interiors, a roof restoration will help to restore the structure back to a reliable condition.

2. Signs of Age

Due to the harsh Australian climates, an average roof life expectancy is around 25 years, depending on the roof type and profile itsel. If your roof is getting to the end of its lifespan but is still in reasonable condition, a roof restoration may be more suitable rather than a roof replacement.

3. Deterioration

If you find areas of your roof being compromised by age or weather damage, this may warrant a roof restoration. The most common areas include roof valleys, sagging spots, corroded sheets, roof shingles, flashings, guttering and downpipes and roofing tiles. If any of these spots are cracked, worn, broken, fragile, or damaged, a simple roof repair may not be enough – it could be time for a roof restoration.

A Sydney roof restoration is a great way to fix multiple problems without the high expenses of constant roof repairs or a full roof replacement. If you do decide to restore your roof, make sure to call King Group for a free measure and quote.


The cost of a roof restoration depends on the quality/age of the roof, how damaged the structure may be, the roof type, the roof profile, and general scope of works. Unfortunately, it is not as simple to give a single dollar amount for a roof restoration cost, as every roof is entirely unique and will require different restoration processes.
Some of the factors to consider when deciphering the cost of a roof restoration are as follows:

1. Roof Type

The materials in which the roof was originally built with will influence the roof restoration cost. Some roofing materials are more difficult to maintain, clean, repair and paint, and some come with higher expenses. All whilst ensuring the integrity and original aesthetic of the roof itself.

The work required for different roofing materials will also determine the price of the restoration.
Tiled roof restorations will include replacing missing tiles and realigning existing tiles, as well as repointing hips and ridges, and rebedding any broken ridge caps.
Metal roof restorations will involve sealing and repainting the metal sheets and replacing any metal sheets beyond repair.
Each roof type, materials, the extent of damage or repair greatly influence the overall costing of a roof restoration.
However, at King Group Australia, our foundation has been built on assuring and providing our customer with quality workmanship and an unbeatable price. 

2. Property/Roof Size or Scope

Another factor determining the price will be the scope of the project. Houses that are larger, roofs that include multiple levels, roofs that have been woefully unkempt, materials that require extra work, are all examples of the increased scope of a project. The more complicated work required, the more you can expect to pay for a Sydney roof restoration.

3. Age of Your Roof

The older the roof the more work required to restore its former lustre. Older roofs require more thorough cleaning repairing and painting. If your roof is only a few years old but has just begun to wear, it will only require minor touch-ups. The age of the roof, the house and the structural materials may determine how much the restoration will cost.

4. Location

Another factor that will also play a role in determining the costs of a Sydney roof restoration is the area in which the house is located. Australian weather is notoriously harsh, with some areas of the coastline or rural demographics having an enormous impact on the condition of a roofing system. If a house is based in an area with high winds, increased UV exposure, or is prone to corrosion from the sea, a roof restoration process will become more complex.

5. Metal Roof Restoration

If your metal roof requires a restoration, this process will involve sealing any leaks and replacing any necessary metal sheeting, on top of a thorough clean. Leaks in metal roofs commonly develop in the seams of the sheets or where the roofing meets the flashing or guttering. Once all the necessary repairs are made, depending on the metal materials, the roof will require a specialised metal sealer and paint.

6. Roof Tile Restoration

Tiled roofs are prone to crack with age and wear and can become damaged by high winds or falling branches. If your tiled roof requires a restoration, the process will involve repointing hips and ridges, replacing and re-aligning any damaged individual roofing tiles as well as any rebedding to cracked ridge caps. Once the repairs have been made, an anti-fungal sealer is then applied to prevent the build-up of lichen, moss, and mould.

At King Group Australia, we understand the importance of getting the most value out of your money. King Group Australia, have over 25 years of Industry experience, we offer quality workmanship, with highly skilled and qualified teams with an unbeatable price, to give you our customer, the best possible outcome and solution to all your home and property need.
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