How Many Coats Of Paint In A Roof Restoration?

The final touches of a roof restoration are the coats of paints required.
It is imperative that the correct preparation has been undertaken to ensure the highest quality in results upon painting your roof. The steps involved below detail the priming/sealing and painting process in a roof restoration.

Primer: This first coat is an extremely fine particle size, wet adhesion promoted acrylic primer coat which is specifically designed for concrete roof tiles. Its advanced formula is designed to promote deep penetration ensuring topcoat adhesion.

Painting: The second and third coats are the colour base and top coats applied evenly. We are extremely proud to deliver the highest quality roof restorations and that can only be achieved by using the highest quality paint on the market – as Dulux preferred applicators when it comes to roof restorations, King Group Australia put you our customer ‘in good hands’ when it comes to the restoration and painting of your property. 

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