How Do To Keep Birds Out Of Gutters?

Are you experiencing issues with birds nesting in and around your home and gutters? Creating mess, noise and attracting other pests?
Here at King Group Australia we offer a solution to keeping your home and gutters free from birds.

If you have birds in your gutters specifically, there are a few ways to deter them. Consider installing:

  • Gutter guards: King Group Australia’ sister company Ultraguard, invented and manufacture an expanded Aluminium mesh once installed, prevent birds, debris and other pests from entering your gutter line.
    Ultraguard gutter guards are made from aluminium and create a barrier/ cover for your gutter. Birds will no longer be able to fit in the gutters to bathe, nest or congregate. Even if their breaks are thin enough to get into the gutter’s narrow crevice, they shouldn’t be able to reach the water. When they don’t have access to food, water and shelter, the birds will find another place suitable.
  • Bird spikes: Imagine a thin plastic panel with several spikes projecting upwards. These are roof bird spikes, also called anti-roosting strips. The strips make it uncomfortable for the bird to land. If you install them on the roof just above the gutters you can limit bird access to the gutters.
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