How And When To Clean Gutters?

King Group Australia generally recommend cleaning your gutters twice a year, minimum – once in early summer, and once immediately after autumn finishes.

Depending on your circumstances, environment, roof and gutter pitch as well as the harsh Australian climate, contribute to the consistency or factor in when considering cleaning gutters. Some factors include:


Leaves and twigs are the most common sources of gutter blockages – naturally, if your home is surrounded by trees that shed their leaves in autumn, you’ll have to deal with more leaves falling.

And that means having to clean out your gutters more frequently.

By contrast, say your house has no tree coverage, and that your area doesn’t have strong winds.

Gutter Type

Not all gutters are made equal – some are wide and deep, able to take huge amounts of debris before they clog. For example, a Half Round gutter will not be able to contest with a Box Gutter. In other cases, gutters can be narrow and shallow, easily clogging after a short time.

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