2021 How Much Does a Tile Roof Restoration Cost?

Tiled roofs were the cornerstone of any Australian Home – durable, long-lasting and low maintenance. Whether you live in a coastal area, a rural and rugged region, or within the inner suburbs of Sydney, tiled roofs are compatible for any harsh Australian climate, and withstood the test of time.

A tiled roof can span 50 years, depending on how well maintained. Regular maintenance having minor repairs fixed promptly to avoid long-term damage, should keep your roof structurally sound whilst still achieving the aesthetical appeal.
Durability is one benefit of a tiled roof, however, tiles can become damaged in many ways. Whether it be from heavy rainfall, strong winds or natural ageing, tiled roofs can easily become susceptible to damage or deterioration.

Once your tiled roof becomes damaged, we suggest investigating into repairing it as soon as possible as tiled roofs that are broken, missing pieces or have deteriorated leave exposed areas for water and moisture to infiltrate interiors of a house. When water gets inside the roof you may experience problems with moisture damage, rotting, mould, mildew, and ceiling damage. Therefore, we advise it is best to investigate having the issues resolved as quickly as possible.


Tiled Roof repairs and restoration depends on a variety of factors.
Tile roof repair costs will mostly come down to the severity of damage to the tiles/roof itself. Missing, broken, deteriorating tiles and replacement.
The extent of damage will factor in considerably when assessing how much repair and restoration will ultimately cost. If you need many tiles replaced, the cost to retile a roof will be much higher than if you just require minor patch up jobs.

The first thing King Group Australia will do is a full roof health check, assessing the state and damage of the tiled roof. Once the severity of damage has been determined, they will be able to provide an itemised quotation regarding the extent or scope of work required in the restoration process. Some tile repairs may require tile replacements, repointing to hip and ridges, and or full rebedding of ridge caps depending on what has caused the damage, with others, a simple patch-up job will prove to be beneficial.

Commonly roof tile repairs and replacements are caused by cracked tiles, gaps in tiled roofs, leaking, bedding and pointing repairs and replacing tiles that have not been maintained. While every roof is susceptible to damage and ageing, it is essential to regularly clean, inspect and maintain your roofing tiles to avoid preventable tile roof repairs.


Another factor influencing the cost of the tile roof restoration is the type of tile roof that needs repairing. In Australia, there are a variety different types of tile roofing materials that are commonly used for domestic and commercial properties. Whether your home or property was constructed with terracotta, slate, concrete influences how much a roof restoration or tile roof repair will cost.

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