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Quality Roofing For Your Home

If you are looking for a professional roofing company in Sydney, look no further than King Group Australia. We have knowledge and experience of everything that you might need, from new roofs to repairs.

Our main focus has always been on providing the best customer service possible to our customers. Whether you’re looking for a contractor to replace a shingle or to repair your roof, our Sydney professionals are here to offer the best services.

Our team quickly identifies the problem associated with the roof and eliminates the source of the problem. We also offer free consultations so that you can decide to hire us for your next best roof restoration project across Sydney.

We have a team of experienced and skilled roofing specialists who can easily install and repair all varieties of roofs. You will experience our best service on time and under your budget, also for fulfilling the requirement of our clients we never compromise with quality.


What we do for you

We at Roofing Company Sydney, pride ourselves on providing you with a high level of professional Roof Installation, repair, re-roofing, roof restoration service by highly skilled and specially trained Best Roof Contractors .


Roof Restoration

We do it all. Pressure clean, re–point, tile replacement, and full paint system making your most valuable investment the envy of the street. Read More

GUTTER & FASCIA - King Group

Gutter & Fascia

Time to replace those old rusty gutters. We have the solution for you with brand new Colorbond Read More


Bird Proofing

Birds decide to make your home their home during the time of nesting, which results in nuisance for your commercial and residential places.  Read More

GUTTER PROTECTION - King Group<br />

Gutter Protection

Industry-leading system of Roofing Company Sydney will keep your gutters clean and safe year-round. No need to ever worry about blocked gutters or fire attacks. And best of all it keeps all birds and pests out. Read More


Solar Panels Cleaning

Roofing Company Sydney provide top Solar Panels Cleaning Sydney and protection service to ensure that your solar panels are cleaned and protected against bird nesting. Read More

Cleaning Icon - King Group
Pressure Cleaning _ King Group

Pressure Cleaning

Our Roofing Company Sydney, pressure to clean all surfaces using environmentally friendly methods. We specialize in High Pressure Cleaning for roofs, driveways, and pathways. We also provide a sealing service to seal and protect your surface. Read More

Pressure Cleaning
Roof painting Sydney - King Group

Roof Painting

Our roof painting services are designed to provide a long-lasting and attractive finish to any roofing system. Our experienced team of professionals uses high-quality paints and coatings specifically formulated to protect your roof from harsh weather conditions, including UV rays, rain, and wind.  Read More


Forget the rest try the best

When deciding why to engage with King Group Roofing Company Sydney here are only a small amount of reasons to do so.

Prompt Action

We attend to your enquiry within 10 minutes. Your first interaction with us paves the way how we will work together.

Great price & even greater service

Great price & even greater service

We ensure on providing the highest standard of workmanship at a fair and reasonable price. We even offer a price beat guarantee* for similar service.

On time, all the time

Time is a precious commodity and we don’t abuse it. We make sure we provide you with a 1 hour window for all our appointments and guarantee to be on time.


For all our work undertaken we provide a workmanship and product guarantee. Providing you with peace of mind that you are covered.


Licensed and Insured

We are fully licensed and insured to provide the work to be undertaken. We also ensure that all our workers are fully trained and certified to work at heights.

We’re Local

We are small enough to be local and large enough to be national. We have our offices located across all of Sydney and Adelaide ensuring that you are serviced by a local team, but with the back up of a national company.


Complementing our high level of service is the use of the highest quality materials in our industry. We have partnered with the best to deliver nothing less than an outstanding finish using Australian Made & Owned products which have been proven and tested in the field.

King Group is Dulux’s preferred applicator for all their roofing projects. For all our roof restoration projects we only use and recommend Dulux Acratex.

For all your re-roofing products and rainwaters goods such as downpipes and gutters we trust the big Australian Blue Scope Colorbond Steel to deliver years of endless roofing protection.

Our sister company, UltraGuard, is Australia’s largest and longest serving Gutter Protection manufacturer. Being the inventors of the Aluminium Mesh system, UltraGuard mesh and accessories will give you years of hassle free clean and protected gutters.

Looking For A Roofing Expert Near You?

A well-trained and expert team of roofers is available near you at the most reasonable cost. King Group holds all expertise and skills to bring back the best condition of your roof. We can handle all types of roofs throughout Sydney, Australia. Whether your requirement includes fixing a leak in the roof, or complete restoration of your roof, the best roofing company in Sydney is here to help you. King Group is a top-class company in Sydney that offers budget-friendly roof repair and restoration services. Our roofers seek to offer the best assistance that satisfies the demand of our clients. With more than 10 years of experience, we know what a roof demands and in which manner it should be done. Call us today at 1300 11 54 64 to hire the best roofers in Sydney.

Is Your Roof Damaged?

Our Roofing Company Sydney Can Help

How Long Does It Take To Clean A Roof?

The professional roof cleaning team takes at least two to five hours to clean the roof completely. However, this time changes according to other factors such as the size of the roof, its condition, and other such things. You can contact roof cleaning specialists of King Group for effective, affordable, and timely service.

How Can A Homeowner Identify The Roof That Has A Problem?

There are several signs you will notice when your roof demands repair or replacement. Some of them include:

  • Roof Leak
  • Missing Shingles
  • Damaged Roofing
  • Stagnant Water
  • Clogged Downspouts
  • Damaged Roof Flashing

Besides this, there are many more. If you notice any of the signs, you should contact professional roof specialists. King Group offers the best roof repair services at a reasonable price.

What Is The Cost Of Installing A Roof?

The cost of installing a new roof depends on some factors. The cost of installing a new roof will vary from roof to roof. However, the cost you can assume is as follows:

  • $50 to $80 per m2 for metal roofing
  • $30 to $80 per m2 for concrete roofing
  • $180 to $520 per m2 for slate roofing
  • $68 to $120 per m2 for terracotta roofing

For more information, please refer to this Roof Restoration Cost.

Is Gutter Guard A Good Idea?

Gutter guards are best for maintaining the proper functioning of the gutter. It ensures water will flow freely and there will be no accumulation of debris. Your time and efforts will also get saved by installing gutter guards. There will be no need to climb to the roof several times a year to clean gutters. Thus all in all, installing a gutter guard is a perfect idea.

Which Is The Easiest Gutter Guard To Install?

The slightest effort is required in installing the foam gutter guards. It is an inexpensive and convenient option to get debris and accumulation-free gutters. You can insert a foam wedge into the gutter to keep heavy particles out. However, debris can easily accumulate on top of the guards rather than inside the gutters, and they must be entirely removed in order to be cleaned.

Do I Need To Clean Gutters With Gutter Guards?

Yes, there will be a requirement to clean the gutters even after installing gutter guards. It is a misconception that guards do not require cleaning after installing guards. However, the frequency of cleaning gutters will indeed decrease. You have to remove the debris accumulated over the gutter guards so that it does not affect the flow of water, the appearance of the property, and other things.

Are Gutter Guards Maintenance Free?

There is no gutter guard, which does not require maintenance. The main purpose of installing gutter guards is to keep gutters free from debris, dead leaves, and other such elements. Your gutters will remain clog-free. If you want your gutter guards to perform well, you need to offer timely maintenance to it.

What Is The Cost Of Installing Gutter Guards?

The installation cost of gutter guards is calculated on the basis of linear footing. On average, the cost of installing guards over gutters lies between $6.50 and $12 per linear foot. The cost of installing gutter guards gets changed with the influencing factors. Area, complexity to reach, the time required, material, and all these things affect the cost of gutter guard installation.

How Long Does The Gutter Guard Last?

The average life expectancy of gutter guards is 10 to 15 years. However, they can last for more than this if kept in proper condition. Some of the homeowners replace their gutter guards before this time period to experience different designs and enhance the appearance of their property.

Is Roof Painting A Good Idea?

To make your roof look brand new, eliminate moss, proper cleaning, then the best solution is roof painting. It is a convenient and affordable option to ensure the sound condition of your roofs. Without spending much on roof replacement, you will get a fresh and new-looking roof again.

How Long Does A Painted Roof Last?

Most painted roofs come with a life span of 5 to 10 years. This time frame will vary according to the quality of the material. It is found that high-quality silicone roof coating will increase the aesthetic appeal of your property and will remain for 15 years if looked after properly.
However, these costs will change according to the situation. You can contact roof experts of King Group Australia for reliable and affordable installation of the best quality roof.

What our customers say

“Luke the roofer who attended really knew his stuff. He guided us with what we needed to do and provided us with honest advice. And the finished result was perfect.”

Helen Childs

“Quality was all there. From the quality staff and materials used. Our roof looks amazing and really stands out.”

Jeff De Van

“Tried another company before I called King Group. They didn’t waste any time in getting back to me with a fixed quote and helpful advice. They really surpassed my expectations.”

Caroline Getting

“Punctual, professional and great bunch to deal with. They made the whole process so easy and I felt I could trust them with the world.”

Philip McInnes.

“The King Group have provided me with a high level of service from my initial enquiry to the finished product. Simply outstanding. Well done to Joe and the team.”

Craig Mitchel

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