Your guide to gutter and fascia

Considering the myriad of options when it comes to guttering such as materials, profiles, styles, colour, and cost it can be said not all gutters are alike. Below are some factors for consideration when choosing the right gutter and fascia for your property.

Assess Your Gutters

New Builds require brand new guttering to allow for unencumbered function. That is a seamless flow of water and filtration.
It is also likely that existing gutters may have deteriorated over time, perhaps the gutters are blocked, broken, and not performing efficiently. It could be that the gutters were never properly installed, your gutters retain too much water or rust has corroded them. 
Whichever the case, we suggest calling one of our specialists at King Group Australia to assess your gutters and pinpoint the problem.

Choose Your Gutters

When choosing new gutters, our team at King Group Australia can assist in helping you make an informed decision, below are the most common gutter types:

  • Aluminium: rust-resistant and easy to install, though may not be as durable compared to others.
  • Steel: Strong and durable, stainless steel never loses its sheen. Steel is also quite expensive for supply and install. 
  • Vinyl: it’s cheap, it’s easy to set up, and in most cases will do the job, however, due to the harsh Australian climate, it will be most affected by UV degradation.
  • Copper: it’s reputed to be the strongest and most hard-wearing guttering material. The downside is their price, being the most expensive type of material for guttering. 

Beyond the materials, you’ll need to choose a guttering style. Some popular options include box, fascia, square, round and quad. 

Install or Replace Your Gutters

To appropriately install new guttering, it is paramount that problems such as rust, leaks, sagging, corrosion, and dents are identified.
Guttering is based on the level of deterioration whether it be as simple as replacing a minor section or having to replace the entire guttering around your property. Costs are often calculated based on the above and the labour and time required to install. Call King Group Australia for a free measure and quote!