What is the best gutter type for your home

When determining what type of guttering is best for your home or property, you will find that guttering is available in a variety of materials, sizes, and profiles/styles. It is important not to succumb to temptation based on price. The aesthetic of your guttering is important however, their function or practicality is imperative, as with every property type and environment there are options more suited to some homes or properties than others.

Types of Guttering Materials

Guttering is designed and available for both professional and DIY installation.
The difference between the designs Is the DIY option is available for ‘everyday’ installation whereas the professional options are for experienced tradespersons. DIY guttering comes in lengths and will have a fastening system designed for easy installation. Professional guttering is where professional installers may come to your home and shape your guttering on-site using special equipment or will measure first and pre-fabricate your guttering.

Material Options:

  • Vinyl guttering is the least expensive and is usually designed for DIY installation
  • Aluminium guttering can be designed for DIY or professional installation. It comes in a variety of powder-coated colours
  • Galvanised steel guttering must be welded together, so is not suitable for most DIYers.
  • Stainless steel guttering is expensive but can be very hard-wearing. It must be installed by professionals
  • Copper guttering is another expensive option, but if the price is no object, can be a stylish addition to your home

Due to the harsh Australian climate, it is important to consider which type of material and system is both practical for your environment and practical for your property. Vinyl guttering may not rust as per other styles, but it does deteriorate over time and become brittle. Aluminium guttering is popular because it does not corrode and comes in a wide range of colours. Some professionals still prefer galvanised steel in some locations because it stands up to harsh weather conditions better than aluminium. Copper and Stainless steel are not as common due to their expense. 

Choosing a Guttering Profile

The 3 most common gutter styles:

  1. Quad guttering has a flat bottom and sides. It sometimes comes with overflow spouts.
  2. Half-round is curved and looks like the letter “C” in profile view.
  3. Smooth line guttering is a variation on half-round guttering. It has one flat side that is for mounting against the fascia, giving it a “smooth” look.

Typically guttering comes in different sizes and variations. A “K” profile is like quad guttering but has a shaped front. Some vinyl guttering consists of five flat sides. Custom designed guttering is also available.

The practicality or functionality of guttering is paramount in relation to your property and environment:

  • Quad guttering is often recommended for high rainfall areas.
  • Half-round guttering has a completely curved surface. This can prevent the build-up of leaves and debris.

Your property’s location and environment will determine what guttering profile and material is most suitable. If you live in a high rainfall area, it is recommended to choose a larger size of guttering, for example, Quad style. If you live in an area surrounded by trees, half-round guttering may be more practical. 

Guttering Mounting Systems

Mounting systems are commonly either internal or external, either within the guttering itself or brackets and other mounting types visible externally. The crossbar mounting system is the strongest as it wraps around the entire guttering system. Hidden mounting systems are more popular because they have a smoother appearance. Still unsure of which system is right for you? – call one of our friendly specialists at King Group Australia today!